Finding a mentor

Hello everyone!

Over the past couple days I’ve been studying the basics of forex trading and was wondering who do you guys consider as a mentor within the community who is legit? I’ve stumbled upon wicksdontlie and have watched a few of his live streams and he does provide a good amount of info. What are your guys opinions on him? Who would you recommend that I watch in order to become a smarter trader?


Hi :slight_smile: finish BP course, is very good. Regards Greg

Hi and welcome,
Before you ask for a mentor you may actually be thinking about a coach. Please read this link to understand the difference.

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What does this mean? Become a smarter trader? Do the babypips course.

You can watch him for free online. Personally I question whether he is actually trading a live account or not. He analyses and says I’m in but I’ve never seen him trade live. Secondly, I’ve never met a student of his who is consistently profitable. In fact, the opposite. He teaches only watches higher timeframes but then takes trades off the 15 minute. He teaches to wait for retest but then sometimes takes trades on the break etc etc. You can watch his course on YouTube : market fluidity. There is a 2.0 and a new one now but he just repeat the same stuff. How many different ways can you say I wait for a break of resistance and retest? Not many.

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