Finding a real world trading mentor\course

I’m currently working my way through the school lessons however I’d be interested in possibly doing some supervised trading or working with a mentor for a few day, but I can’t really find anything. I’m based in the north of England UK. I’ve found one course near me but to be honest it looks like a scam with no reviews, only online for a couple of months and the only tweet that recommends it is from someone with the same surname as a director. I won’t name them in case I’m wrong but does anybody have any thoughts on getting some hands on experiences mentoring?

Keep your money in your pocket. Remember, those that can’t, teach.
Stick to pipschool and run a demo account to practice as you learn.
Learn the platform
Read the forums
Eventually open a live account and trade micro lots, still learning but not losing your shirt.

We can teach you here for free. I can mentor you too for free. Please let me know your questions in details so that I can guide you closely.

Have you tried live trading ?

Armil, thats really a bad suggestion for a noobie to trade live.
Why don’t you take system somewhere else, its not welcome on here

Hmm, joined this month and you have 8 posts at the moment, while it’s not a certainty I reckon I could be looking with someone with a bit more reputation on here if I was looking for online mentoring, but thanks for the offer.

I’m not suggesting to do live trading even not knowing first the basics.

Yes Eddieb, you’re right I just lately registered in this forum because I feel it’s the right time to give back and have already the voice to guide someone due to my long years of experience. Honestly, it’s not an easy road for me because I lost lot of money purchasing systems and attended paid trading courses. But all those are worth enough.

It’s up to you mate which one to hear. I understand you. Cheers!:wink:

You can understand my skepticism regarding yourself or indeed any one who appears on here trying to entice newbies, especially when they use a false name, show nothing to back up their claimed knowledge/experience, and also promote themselves as Internet Marketeers and SEO specialists.

However, I am nothing if not fair, so if you can support your claims with myfxbook and can explain on here in detail how your system works perhaps I will reconsider my opinion.

Only learn from those who have a solid record of trading/mentoring of at least 5 years. Don’t trust on screen shots, those are fake, only accept real account statements using investors password or if anyone have a lot of students with good reviews.

I wonder how many would actually share their account passwords? I know no one without a decent history would share, but I wonder how many with a decent history would anyway?

Hi there drum. I am failry new aswell and have looked at just about every FOREX related thing on Google and elsewhere. I did go to a free training class here in Bristol with Learntotrade. Now of course they try and get all salesy afterwards but you can just walk you owe them nothing. Take the free training where ever you can. Do your own due research and as you begin learning and understanding ideas things will become alot clearer. NEVER EVER go live always try dummy accounts first ok! :)) Hope this helps

I respect you much of being superior master contributor. If you haven’t know yet my intention of using screen name rather than using my real name then I will let you know.

My intention to use alias is to keep my personal life private. Hope you will respect me on that too. By the way, what’s your real name behind Eddieb?

The difference is Im not trying to sell either myself or products/systems to anyone. Also, ‘Mark Bucks’ is quite a bit different to ‘Armil Velos’.
Anyhow, as I said earlier, why not post details on your system and/or myfxbook to back up your credentials to mentor others here or even open a thread on it, rather than encouraging people to contact you off forum?

You are not answering my question. What’s your real name behind Eddieb?

Every week like clockwork there is a couple threads like this and I agree with ed about trying to protect new traders.
While it would be commendable trying to help someone I also think anybody wanting to learn should make sure it is a profitable system

Stop trying to change the subject. Post evidence of your success or credentials for mentoring others or scuttle off back under your rock.

I would disagree on both points. There are ‘mentors’ out there, Nial Fuller comes to mind, who’ve been in business for 5 years that I wouldn’t trust even if they would give away their courses for free. The main reason being that what they teach doesn’t make sense once you scratch the surface.
On the second point, good luck in finding someone who gives his account password. Even if you found such a rarity, it doesn’t mean that you can just learn his strategy and start printing money, because every trader is different. This post might be helpful. Trading Educators And The Live Trade Setup Gimmick | JLTrader

The one with the real record will definitely share his password with you. But the scam ones won’t. They can give investor password to you for a particular time and then can change it after you are completely satisfied.

Are you taking anymore students? I am looking for a mentor as well!