Finding tickers for Range Trading

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that I have a preference for trading ranges. With the way the stock market has been running up recently, I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to find tickers to play, since it seems like everything is taking off or diving hard.

I’ve tried to work on a strategy to catch momentum but it isn’t really working out. As such, do y’all have any tips for finding ranging tickers even during a strong trending market?


I have the opposite experience trading trend markets in today’s volatile times. Trends suffer many reversals owing to market reaction to media reports on Feds, Covid 19 and Brexit.

I guess we all have problems,

For every trader, there is a different trading strategy that works. You must make trades on the basis of what suits you well. You must not use a strategy just because everyone else is using it. Try a few strategies on your demo account and then decide which one you want to go with.

If it’s not working out, you better look for some other strategy that might work out. Trading is using your own tactics to make profits in the market. If it doesn’t work for you, it is not meant for you. You can learn other strategies and use them on your demo account to see if you can use them on your live account or not.