Finprotrading back?

Is it true that finprotrading has finally made a comeback? Just saw a post. Would appreciate if anyone has any more info, if they are the same broker?

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Who are these?

yes they are back with the same service they offer before

I think they are back, just went through the website and the logo looks the same, color used to be blue tho, but they might’ve changed.
But I am sure they are the same people. Did you go over their support regarding this?

Not yet but imma go ask on their live chat, if this is the case. I used to trade with them until they merged with coinexx back then!

@SmallPaul, did you talk to their support?

yes i did but they refuse to say either way if they are own by the same people, but if you look at the service they offer they are the same as before, same with turnkeyforex and coinexx and now hankotrade

What is that I hear for the first time?

what for the first time?

So I just had a word with one of their executives, they said that it’s the same one as before just that they were under the sunset clause with coinexx meaning mutual agreement to merge together for 2 years and it’s already a past that now. So it seems like the broker is back now!!

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Thanks for the clarification mate. I guess I’ll sign up with them again soon.

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Have you signed up with them? Just wanted to know how their services are, according to you.

Yeah, I did. Everything seems pretty good. Trading conditions are quite competitive and placed few withdrawals with them. Got them on time. Are you planning to go live?

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Great! That’s good news. Actually, I haven’t had any plans yet, but maybe in the future, I will. I like the sound of their trading conditions.