First $1000 Week In a Long Time

Note, this is verbatim from my blog (I cannot post the link as I do not have enough posts by the rules of that thread, but I want to share my story ~ and earn enough posts, lol :21:)

This week is a bit of a milestone, but I have been here before. This time, I will do what I did not do the last time I reached this goal: I will stop to smell the roses, as they say. When I started trading, I came up with a series of goals, one that stands out in my mind from several years ago, aside from the Aston Martin I wanted, was to build a $500 trading account into a $5000 trading account, in a period of 6 months through successful trades. I was doing this full time, living in my father’s basement, and unemployed so I had not much else to do at the time. I dived into the markets, I researched, I lived, breathed and slept trading; yes I even had dreams where I was trading.

The end result was that I did reach that goal in approximately six months, but the problem was that I broke a few rules to get there and I did not know how to behave once I reached that mountain top. Well, I kept going, and I kept taking risks without proper analysis and I got into a series of trades that broke my account pretty much right back down to 500 or 600 dollars but I would need to check my monthly statements to confirm the exact amount. I climbed up to the top of the mountain and ran right over the peak and went down to were I started.

Several years later, while working a full time job that has been stressful to put it mildly, I have once again reached that goal I set for myself, and in one week, a series of trades put my account back up to $5000 with this week’s gains going slightly over $1000. This time, I am taking some time to reflect on what I have achieved, on what I have sacrificed, but more importantly what I have learned and what my future goals are from where I am now. Where ever I want to go, whatever I want to do, it is just a matter of time, patience, and discipline.

congrats on reaching your goal, sounds like you had a big week.

the question that comes to my mind is how much risk did it take to achieve this goal? High enough where a bad week could have put you right back at the bottom of the hill, or low enough risk that a bad week can easily be shrugged off?

I am completely agree with you for the following statement “it is just a matter of time, patience and discipline.”. It is good that you achieved your previous goal again. Happy trading.

I broke a few rules, but only after a fashion. When I ran out of margin to make the deals that I wanted to make, I pumped more credit into my account, and when the deals came through, I withdrew the amount I put in and then some. Some rules can be broken when the time is right and conditions favor it. In addition, I have been making weekly or bi-weekly withdrawals from my account while re-achieving this goal. The difference now is that I have the discipline and the nerve to trust myself. I also have the ability to let a loss go by and continue trading.

Well done man.

And have you enjoyed the journey so far?

take a shower - rinse and repeat. :slight_smile:

I work full-time at a job under stressful conditions. I trade both to make money and to escape from the mediocrity of what I do for a living. Yes is the short answer, trading does have stress, but it is more like playing right now.