First ADA Payment System Installed In Japan

Furthermore, IOHK has also released a newly redesigned roadmap for Cardano earlier in June. This roadmap will be offering a clear vision for the future of the Cardano network.

this is one of the coins that I’m holding lol

Interesting post. I like this app. Is there something like this in the U,K?

Well, there are some interesting payment systems in the U.K you can use. I use this stuff often. I’m a gambler and that’s why. A good option for me is Neteller. I use it all the time. Because it has some special advantages for gamblers. I use it when I’m home and when I’m out in the Eastern Europe. One of the few payment systems available there. Maybe this is the stuff you need? I saw an article about Neteller. I will add a link for you so you can read it and make your own conclusions.

An article for you: