First crypto trade of the year - sell POWR +120%

One of my three “sh*tcoins” excelled itself this week. Having held this for two years, and traded up to a holding of nearly 2,000 tokens, I took an early January decision to sell 100% holding based on the very rapid appreciation early in 2024. I got out at $0.996 for a very comfortable and unexpected first trade of the year. Lovely to ride part way to the moon. I wait with bated breath for a > 50% retrace to below $0.50 to buy back in again.

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Good job! I own over a dozen of ■■■■ coins, and they are still ■■■■… I did not buy most of these coins, they were bonuses for watching videos. I hoped one would be the new moon rocket, of course, they are all crap. And they will remain crap. In crypto, there is only BTC. Maybe a few others. The wierd coins will never be a hit, unless you hit the jackpot and get one of the temp rockets. Odds are against you though. with thousands of coins to chose from. So good job!

Can we all say Safemoon!?!?

Excellent! I’ve been fortunate enough to have received some airdropped BONK in an old Phantom wallet. What a nice after Christmas surprise!

After a couple of soul searching sessions, then as part of a 2024 new plan, I bought back in the same quantity at $0.41. Though I did not know the reason for the pump from $0.40 to $1.20 high until after I sold the tokens, it was sobering to know there was a business / technical reason for the pump. After analyzing the news, and realising that my original plan for POWR had not changed, I decided to re-enter and take the $1,200 profit as a part of my new 2024 sh**coin portfolio that will now be physically and mentally separated from my long term, low risk crypto portfolio.

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