First deposit question

First of all i wanna say thanks to babypips forum members.Because i learnt a lot of things about trade.

         My question is if i open live account with minimum amount $50.And i buy a trade let say eur/usd for long.but rate goes down to short.and i did'nt close my trade.and my balance show in nagitive but i am waiting for long after short.then what will happened.when my balance show my account will finish.
   thanks in advance

Do a quick search for “[I]margin calls[/I]”. There are quite a few posts / descriptions on the web and could probably explain it better than I.

If you don’t have enough leverage to support your trade, (balance) your broker will issue a margin closeout forcing all your open positions to close, regardless of how much that will cost you. This is why you must practice proper portfolio and risk management and only ever risk 1-5% of your account depending on how experienced you are.

thanks a lot guyz i will learn as you said

I think it’s a great question but I must be honest. If you only have $50, then don’t put it into the market yet. Save up, because the minute you place a micro lot with $50 your going to be over leveraged.