First experience going live

good to hear that, hopefully you keep progressing

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Wish you a good luck!

My first experience in trading was with the broker ExpertOption. Although I am new to this industry, I was able to make really good money with it. I really liked this option.

Like anything else, just know what you are going through is normal and at some point you will become more comfortable with it.
My first trades were not Forex.
Oil stocks in the 70’s. When they started going down the tubes, I bought stock in a company that had loaned them money and was liquidating properties as fast as they could and paying the results in dividends! A no lose situation if it continued for 18 months (very high dividends!)
After about nine months, diamonds were discovered on one of the properties in Canada before they could unload it and the stock went through the roof! I sold it and had pretty good capital gains for the year.
My next trades were Futures: worked out alright.
After that I had problems in my personal life that influenced my mind and emotions and for a rather long time I couldn’t seem to do well at anything. So, my thinking is that when I am okay with just anything, I do better with everything.
Ya see HyperScalper’s Profile Picture? That looks like the right attitude. (Hope he doesn’t mind my posting it.)


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My first experience going live was a bit scary. I started forex trading last year and demo traded fo a month then funded my live account with 300 usd. Well I still remember my first 4 trades using 0.2 lot size gave me 20 bucx profit. Then in next hour was down 13 bucx from initial investment. Well to cut story short my account lasted 2 months and was blown. I changed lot sizing, changed strategies and overtraded. I also did revenge trading and being greedy. Went back demo trading and stuck one strategy and giving fair results am back live again. Forex trading is now enjoyable. Focus on the process and profits will follow.


My first experience going live made me realise how different demo and live is. The overwhelming urge to close a trade the second it moved into profit was the hardest part, but the constant monitoring of trades in the hope they would turn profitable was a close second. It was a great, if financially costly, learning experience, and moving back to demo was a good call for my overall journey. The trades I took back then I wouldn’t dream of taking now, but now I know why I shouldn’t.


In general, the history of starting work on Forex is quite interesting. For a long time I was afraid to start working with it because I was afraid to lose money. As a result, he decided to start, and eventually lost his first deposit. It is difficult to describe feelings in words when I realized that money could not be returned. But then he pulled himself together and was able to work out and make a profit.

Horrible, my heart keeps pumping like crazy as like I was panting from running a marathon. :rofl: :rofl:


First I was very feared to do trading then did demo trading for a month that give me some confidence. My first day in live trading was very thrilling, I was sure I can make profit I did it in my first trade. It was the day that motivated me to remain connected with forex business . Although I loose many times but with time and experience Now I can manage my loss and make reasonable income from forex trading.

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terrible hahahaaha I thought I was ready, since I practiced with the Demo, but in reality when you play for real money everything changes

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Tbh, Everything changes which comes with thought of hope, greed, inpatient, and lack of mental analysis

Some people here may believe you have act like a robot

Ahaha. Why will i act like a robot.

You need to remain careful and also remember that when trading the losses will happen. If you will be careful you can easily avoid the losses from the markets.

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not letting your emotions effect future choices, or realizing with a tested profitable strategy, even after a losing sequence its about probability over the long term

It’s not always good but one needs to be confident about their trading strategy. and by the time one can improve their trading style.

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My first experience was when I spent my first deposit)) Then I realized that it was time to start working better, and it all depended on me.

My first experience going live was fun, because i actually made profit in my first attempt and i was surprised.

But later i did lose though because of the over confidence i had that i won on the first attempt, so be wise while you trade, don’t be hasty.

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Haha happens!

My first live trading experience was both exciting and nerve-racking. I was worried I’d put in the wrong order and kept checking all day. :joy: (I still check a lot these days but I’m nowhere near as emotional lmao)