First experience

Hi all this is my 1st step in fx hope teach me

Good luck. Let me know if you need any help or advice, been professionally trading for many years.

Market will do that, I promise, just make sure during the first 4 years you are not placing the savings of your life

Thank you share to me how to success in fx

Give me some tips to success please help me to success

Trade on demo, learn a strategy which suits you. Always set stops and honor your outs. Managing losses is very important in any trading. Also know what economic numbers or events are due to be announced when you are trading. If you can utilize today’s computing technology learn how to do so, nothing can beat computers in calculating.

That’s how trade, I never trade without my algorithm.

How many pips to stop loss and take profit from you experience if the deposit below $100

Anyone interested in checking out the EA/algorithm let me know and I can shoot you a link to the screenshare.

good luck from me :slight_smile: