First few trades

Hi everyone i think this site is great so thanks to every one who has put it together. i have a few quick Q’s
how much do people try to make on short trades say of an hour or to?
what do people think of etoro and if bad who do you recommend?


p.s first trades have gone well so i hope it was due to the information i discovered here and not a fluke:51:

Etoro is a good broker for newbies and they only have minimum of $50 for an investment. Once You get experience, I would recommend them.

You’re never a loser until you quit trying.

Etoro has been around for a long time - and if you look at it closly you will see that they only “make money” when you are also successful with your trades.

I would recommand you, to use their their demo account first. If you are happy you can try real money.
I would also suggest you to copy from the “pro traders” - You just need to follow them.

Also make use from the first deposit bonus if you can.