First red month of the year

Good day traders. This is my first month (March) that is red in 2024.
Number of trades:93
Winning rate: 31%
Expectancy ratio: -0.03
ROI: -3.13%
I will continue with my strategy that has worked in more months from last year.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what is your strategy?

It’s a bit complicated but will try to give you some clues. I use multi time frame analysis and figure out trend with 20 EMA. When things align with both time frames I trade the reversal that goes in the same direction of the trend. Always enter on stop order and always use a stop loss and risk 1% or less. Take profit is a measured move.

My strategy is also kinda like that
But I use 200 EMA on the daily to identify the trend

In the past I used to 200 EMA as well but found it lagging too much. I married the 20EMA of Al Brooks with the multi timeframe of Alexander Elder. So far it’s a happy marriage!

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What timeframes do you analyze then

I use the 30 minute and 5 minute.

So if the market is in an up trend, price is above the EMA on both M30 and M5
You open a sell order?

I enter a buy stop for uptrends

If you’re using a 20-bar EMA on both the 5-minute and 30-minute timeframes, you could probably use just the 5-minute chart with its own 20-bar EMA and an additional 120-bar EMA to represent the 20-bar EMA on the 30-minute chart? That would be the same thing, but without actually needing two charts?

Or maybe that’s what you’re already doing, and I misunderstood you?

Yes the math is correct I presume but I don’t use it. I just toddle between the 2 time frames.

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