First steps in trading?

I am new to trading and forex I want to know if it’s possible to start with $50 what would be the first steps in simple trading with meta trader 4


What is your goal with wanting to trade? $50 isn’t going to go very far and in my opinion you are better off keeping your money and continuing to build up your account size while learning first to trade on a demo account.
Once you at least have the basics of risk management down pat and have learnt how quickly the market can move against you and take your money and why it is important to use stop losses - then maybe consider putting a bit of skin on the line.

For now I would focus on learning and building your account size in parallel.


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Hey there! If you are new to the forex trading, I would recommend you to start with a demo trading account If you have already done that, you can start the live trading.

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You can start with any amount you want but note that small capital works against you. Inconsistence between profit goals and ability of small trading capital to generate returns with acceptable risk leads to almost imminent loss. And the higher is risk, the more difficult for newbie to manage it (loss control is the hardest part in trading).

For example if you start with $50 and set a profit goal of $10 daily you are guaranteed to lose. Reasonable profit goal for this amount is 50 cents - 1 USD daily.

the first step always difficult in real or trading life. generally we the traders always start with no learning , as a result we become loser at the end of the day.

which amount is more appropriate for new Forex trader , it depends on your trading knowledge , generally newcomers always think big amount can bring good profit but in practical thats not true.

have a good journey , i hope for the best fro you , good luck

If you are a newbie, start with demo trading before going live.

Get a reliable broker and learn learn and learn some more. So much great info here. Browse the foruim!

Hmmm. :thinking: Actually, I’m not sure if there are still brokers who let you open accounts with just $50. :open_mouth: But personally, I think it would be best to save maybe $1000 before you get started? :open_mouth: There’s actually this lesson on trading capitals that convinced me that I had to save money before entering. :blush:

Open a demo account and start placing trades like crazy. Pay no regard to whether you are earning or losing money, it is only to get extremely familiar with the platform and process of placing, modifying, and closing trades.

it’s possible to start with $50. However, I recommend to use free demo account first. After that if you feel confident then go for real trading.

First step is knowledge acquisition about the subject matter. Have you graduated from the school of pipology? If so congratulations but if not take that as your first step goal. Newbies won’t see the value of concentrating on developing a strategy unless the market has dealt with them. They first of all see the market as fun were you try out indicator and watch the market move in favour or against their speculation. In the trading dictionary it is called unconscious incompetent. The rest of the steps to becoming a profitable traders will come naturally with experiences that might make you want to give up. All the best in your fight for profitability.

Before investing even that 50, practice on a demo account.

The first and the foremost step in trading is choosing the right broker and if you are a newbie practice some strategies on a demo account and then move to a live account. I have recently opened a demo account with Eagle FX and coinexx, comparing the services offered by both of them.

Trading is all about being in the know of the market trend. The most important part of forex si whether you can predict the ion trading graph or not. That is where your area of practice should be and a demo account should be sufficient for that purpose.Treat the demo account the same way you would treat your actual account.

The first step in trading is to always learn as mucha s possible and then practice in a demo account to see if you actually learn anything. I you are not able to apply what you have learned then you are as good as done and you need to go back and do it all over again. Demo tells you if you can take it or not.

The first step is always to know what t forex is all abotu.You should not even think about trading until you know what forex is all about because most of the time people think it is one thing when it is actually another thing. Knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge is key in forex trading.

Learning and research, must for beginners.

Learn, research, explore, practice, keep a track of the events and news around the corner.