First timer in the house

Hi! I’m new here and i would definitely love any help i can get in learning, trading and making money through forex. Thanks

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To shine in forex you require a professional attitude and aptitudes. Without capacities consistent profit isn’t possible. Most traders neglect this essential thing. They continue running for strategy without making themselves capable.

Hello, welcome. Tale your time and don’t rush things…

Hi there! You came to the right place.

I would make your way through the education tab at the top to start you off :slight_smile:

Forget about making money, and first learn HOW NOT TO LOSE MONEY. That’s hard work, needs discipline over controlling risk and money management, which is why newbies get their capital blown because they can’t control their emotional reactions towards losses - and profits.


Hi there!

Welcome to the community.

We all are here for mutual learning, all questions and ideas are welcome.

Hey Welcome! Remember to be consistent in learning.
Wishing you the best!

Some of the best of advice I have read on here, hope people are listening!