First timer on this platform

I really want to learn

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

All the very best to you! Make the most of the time you dedicate to your learning. This will prepare you for various situations that you might be in when you go live.

Hello there, it’s nice to see that you’re willing to learn before jumping into trading. The first step in this direction should be to gain as much knowledge about the trade from Pipsology School for a few months and then begin your journey with a demo account. This will give you the confidence whether your laid out strategies work and if not, what needs to be modified.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: Good thing that you’re willing to learn, so start off with the Pipsology School. Know all about the currency pairs and the time frames to trade them. Remember one thing, learning forex trading basics is something that’ll take time, so don’t give up. Stay committed and you’ll see the benefits in a few months.