Five Levels!

dude this suxs i hate it!

Big harry foot like that would hurt my …

LOL, :smiley:

hehe, best i can say is step 2, but thats even by a borderline.

my discipline is terrible and 1/3 trades i make are strictly following my system

i lose more than i gain (this is slowing down, quickly)

i still sometimes have to go back to the basics and rethink what im buying and what im selling.

some trades, espcially at the beggining, were impulsive and not though through completely

one good thing i can say however about myself is that ive realzed that this is no way to become a millionaire quickly, and i will be here for a while, and thats all you can do :o

this site is wonderful, im here for as long as it takes me to learn. i dont care if im here till i turn 30 (im 17 as of now), i will not give up on trading

Hi Pipgod

Thanks for the post its encouraging to know people are interested in what I’m doing.

Read your post and found it very interesting so I hope you don’t mind but I screen dumped it so I can print it out and have it next to my trading computer with the aim of reaching level five.

Now to anwser your question what level I’m at, with Demo trading I would have said its like second nature mainly because of my mentor who’s constantly asking me questions like “where do you think it is going, then why is it going this way please explain it to me” even though I’d give him a correct anwser he wanted to know that I knew it and didn’t guess it. He told me its like a chess game to him the more moves you think ahead the more likely your going to win.

But with going live I’m still nervous about pulling the trigger even though I know the system that he has taught me and the others works, its more about getting to know myself as a trader and how I respond to the different pressures of trading (the pressures that I put on myself that is).

So mentally I would say btw 3-4 but as I’m only just starting live trades I believe I’ve got a long way to go, so as my experience increases with my live trades so will my confidence and accordingly my bank account.(even though my mentor tells me that money doen’t exist its only an energy transfer).

I have a goal to retire by the end of the year but my mentor keeps telling me we will look at that once I have trippled my normal monthly income with trading.

So Pipgod I hope this anwsers your question and reading some of your other posts as well has helped with the way I approach trading as well, so thank you.

Cheers Eagles(EE)


You are wise in learning from a mentor. :cool:

You will soon be wealthy. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are levels??? Holy Cow! Why didn’t someone tell me about this?

I tried to evaluate my condition using the scale you posted. I think I may need a 12 step trader program instead…

Hello, my name is TopTick…and I’m a trade-aholic.

Man, that brings back memories. (sip, sip) :cool:

I never went through the 12 steps but many tried to get me to. :wink:

Hmm…this is very interesting, and spot on in my opinion. I would definitely say I’m in the 2-3 category. I’m looking to settle in with a system that works, and then marry it. I know marriage can be tough, but I think I work through the ups and downs to come out alive in the end. The trick it seems is focus, discipline, and a dream.

Thanks to PipGod for this informative and insightful review.

Doh! According to this article, I am definitely wandering in Step Two for the time being, perhaps even getting my feet wet a little in Step 3. I’m alongside traitor trying to marry a system that works.

How I envy the folks who have reached Step 5

Don’t get too excited here, pipgod! :wink:

There’s a 12 step for everything. I’m not kidding. I have a family member who is a clinical psychologist. He tells me that there is one such organization for people who are addicted to [U]chap[/U] [U]stick[/U]. He wasn’t kidding. Just unbelievable…

Good post. An interesting thing about the “levels” is that you find similarities in progression in any given profession. Freshmen through PH D’s - it’s all alike, just with a different paint job.

What level am I? Hmmm… I think of it more in terms of a Totem Pole. You know, the carved tree trunks depicting the hierarchy of the tribe? I’m the part that’s buried in the permafrost to keep the thing from toppling over. :smiley:

Are they eating it, sniffing it, or what? :confused:

Hmm… I couldn’t imagine. :o

This is by far the coolest (smiley) thing my son has ever seen. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, where did you get that idea? :smiley:

Apparently, they use it (as indicated on the label) constantly. It is so important to them that it becomes a major focus of their day to day activity. Sounds like they may be one sandwich short of a picnic to start with and just happened to run across an innocent tube of chap stick. The rest is semi-psychotic history…

… … I like the cherry flavored kind.

… I like the cherry flavored.

LOL, I’m running out to get some right now. :smiley:

Well I don’t know about chapstick, I’m not one for it, but I know someone who’s addicted to cutting grass (note: not innuendo:p ). Now of course I’m not a doctor, but I know when you cut the grass three times a week that’s not right. Well better get out to cut the grass. (note: I am not the one who is addicted I just carry their burden :eek: ) Have a good one eh! Oh and ya you gotta love those smilies that penny pip used, I like the worship one, I gotta find some of my own. take care eh!

The stick… LOL.

bunch of junkies, you lot are…

Thx for posting this again pipgod. i think it’s really interesting to see the different levels and it’s important to be aware of them. I really think this post/essay discusses a good pt. that the key to success is not to give up. I know it’s obvious but this is really important if you’re pursuing a dream/goal. On a personal note I have come to realize that it IS ok to ask for someone’s help. It may not always be easy to ask but it was part of a “not-giving-up” strategy for me. It all started with this forum - so thank you babypips and everyone who has contributed to my understanding and success. I really really appreciate it : )

Anyway, with trading I think i have definitely come out of stage 2 and i have passed through 3 and have entered level 4. It’s an exciting place that’s for sure…

p.s. just remember - don’t give up and ask for help if you need it : )

I’m not a chapstick addict… but I do use it alot… now that I think of it… maybe I am… :confused: