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Trying this again, it says I can post new threads and attachments but had a problem before.

My attempt at a trading system because I was getting confused trying to follow so many other people’s systems. At the most basic level it is enter at a cross of the 13 and 55 EMA and exit on a cross to the reverse.
I wanted to get one that would work for me, help me by forcing me to explain it, hopefully stick to it as well but with some flexibility for intraday and slightly longer-term trades.

Hope the post goes through this time. :slight_smile:

Has this system made you bloody rich?! :slight_smile:

LOL … no not likely to make me rich (especially as I’m giving away rather tha selling my secret formula, lol) but I hope if tweeked more consistently profitable with a system that is my own.

Currently I have two trades open from earlier today as both had a 13 EMA breech downward of the 55 EMA:

EUR/USD entered a sell at 1.3609, stop loss at 1.3634 (25 pips), trailing stop of 25 pips, currently in the positive at 1.3595 (I think that is 16 pips in my favor).

AUD/USD sell at 0.8266, stop loss at 0.8291, trailing stop 25 pips, currently at 0.8265 so a pip to the good for now.

I could get stopped out, with more money to play with perhaps I can widen stop losses a bit in the future.

Have had more success, so far, with EUR/USD and USD/CHF pairs (if you look back to around April 10th to 20th both had pretty good runs in that area and “ideal” type trades if had been executed properly) but my live testing is still new and I’m working between a live micro and a couple of demos mini and regular in testing. Still having to keep myself faithful to the system at times as I tend to want to pull the trigger to soon and thus am limiting my gains and the stop losses killing profits when that happens.

I like the system for its simplicity. I’m demoing it now and have done well in the past two days on USD/CHF & GPD/USD but I got burned today and lost 1500 of my 1700 in profits.

Thanks for the system and keep us updated if you make any new discoveries.

redrum, I’m very curious as to how you lost 1500 pips today?

Hello redrum (a fan of The Shining perhaps? :slight_smile: )

I lost out on my trades, maybe should have closed earlier as I think there has been a lot of news recently pushing the market back and forth. If you have any ideas to add I would appreciate it. I am looking at trying to eliminate some of the problems, but other that avoiding news times and avoiding entering when the market is trading (everything very tight) and not trending or moving haven’t had too much luck. The MACD if used to exit tends to give too many false exits, so I am thinking of playing with the settings for something outside of the normal ones to see if I can make that a bit more accurate.

deecee, I believe redrum lost 1500 virtual dollars rather than pips. I lost $5 in the two losing trades on my micro (25 pips each) and aroun $550 on my virtual account in an USD/CHF trade … they all favored the dollar and the dollar still hasn’t regained a lot of strength yet … chopping about up and down lately.

Hoping next week is a better one for the system. :slight_smile:

Well I have been busy having to find work (still looking but an interview today :slight_smile: ), and missed out on a lot lately. But the USD/CHF since about June 7th has a buy cross going that if someone had gotten in early would be about 220 pips at this point. I didn’t see it until two days ago and have only done two in and out 25 pip gainers. Still it helped me feel like the system might have promise if used conservatively and not hopping in every time the 13 and 55 EMA’s touch.