First time watching FOMC live through a platform, was like watching fireworks lol

That’s why its a bad time to try to trade

But …after the fireworks, the night calm descended and the markets did not move much…

A wasted opportunity from the Fed, if you asked me…

If you ask lot of the experienced traders they will tell you that news releases are not something you should pay attention to. The reason for that is, you will never no how market will react to the news no matter what the odds are.

I don’t trade during such events, the market goes wild and completely unpredictable during those first minutes at least. Sometimes afterwards it takes a clear direction and one can make a nice profit off it, but lately that doesn’t happen often.

How is trading a news release any different from any “other” trade?

You go long before NFP because you think price will go up.
You go long @ support because you think price will go up.

In both scenarios, you don’t “know” what the market is going to do “no matter what the odds are”.