Football (Soccer) is Rigged!

There is evidence that the beautiful game is rigged, just like the WWE wrestling, with match fixing and the outcome being pre-determined by players doing each other favours to help the other team win, by managers and staff, even by referees. I mean, an all English teams in the champions league final and Uefa cup final ? What a coincidence. When I watched the semi final matches, Barcelona was supposed to firmly win that tie, with a comfortable 3 goal lead in the first leg, but in the second leg, from the offset, I spotted a Barca defender “complacently” pass the ball straight to a Liverpool attacker without looking where he is passing, making me believe he struck a deal to help Liverpool win. Furthermore throughout the match, the usually strong Barcelona players performed very badly and looked disinterested. Even during the quickly taken free-kick goal by Liverpool, the barca players spotted the “kick” and didn’t react. They didn’t even protest to the referee that they were not happy which means they seemed fine with it.
But the best example of this rigging is during the Porto - Manchester United match in the 2009 champions league. At one point a Porto defender “complacently” passed the ball back towards his own goal without looking, he was facing the other way, at which point, Rooney was in position waiting for the pass “as if to anticipate the pass”. Then Rooney got the ball and scored. Which means Rooney was expecting the complacent pass from that defender and that the defender was helping United win. In fact, he moved into position just before the complacent pass was made, to receive the pass.
There are many other examples like players making epic misses of goals from 2 yards out, goalkeepers letting a catchable ball pass through them etc.
This has made me decide to stop watching club soccer, and I may continue watching only national team soccer and women’s soccer. What’s the use if the game continues to be rigged like that ?
Edit: I forgot to mention that they also do it to please the bookies.

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Okay, I’ll take the bait. What motivation does anybody on FCB have to throw away a game that will get them into the CL final?

I can’t imagine a player getting paid more for cheating than for winning a CL final (and potentially upping his personal value and salary demands in the future).

Barca we’re better in the first leg. Liverpool we’re better in the second.

I’m not staying there isn’t cheating in football, but at this particular level, I don’t think money means as much as the glory of winning (presuming we’re talking about players getting paid to lose).

Club team football is fantastic! So is national team play and even women’s, but giving it all up because you think it’s rigged is crazy talk! Come off the ledge, please. The English teams have just been playing better on the whole. And the competition hasn’t been laying down, giving the victories away. They have been mostly well deserved victories.

Lol, people upset about England being dominant in Europe? Get over it.

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Is this the Rooney goal?

Defender was completely blind to who was behind him. Horrible error, but looked like a legitimate error in the heat of pressure.

Yes that’s the one. Looking at it again after all these years I notice the defender approached by a united player before he back passed.

They are not dominant, they lost to Portugal in the World cup 2006, Lost to Germany in the World cup 2010, lost to Croatia and Belgium in the world cup 2018 and got humiliated by Iceland in the Euro 2016.

The fact you’re calling it soccer tells us everything we need to know. You know absolutely nothing about the beautiful game.

Do you know the total prize money for getting to the final or winning it?

Barca had to pay Liverpool £5M if they won the Champions League with Coutinho - so do you think Barca lost the game on purpose because it was rigged? Or so they save £5M?

Why didn’t Liverpool stop trying in the home leg and just bank the £5M?

Maybe its got something to do with the fact all the teams in the final this year have ridiculously good squads compared to the majority of other countries.

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You must be a troll. He is referring to English teams being dominant in Europe, i.e. UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League.

What a joke.

Even in that they are not, Real Madrid alone has won more champions league trophies than all the English teams who have won it. The likes of Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, the kings of Juventus dominate European club football.
Did you call me an Ogre, Ogre?

That is to prevent confusion for our American members here. Actually I play Football Manager, which is also rigged, so I know all about the beautiful game, so there, mentioning that Barcelona had to pay 5 million to Liverpool if they won the champions league gives more incentive for them to want to lose.

I’m not sure how you’ve ended up on a trading forum if your basic maths isn’t up to scratch.

Why would Barca lose on purpose to save £5M when they could just win the Champions League.

Finalists get £12.9M for reaching the final and the winners get an additional £3.5M - yet by your logic you think its easier to lose and save £5M.

Hope your trading isn’t like this.

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The Bonus for winning goes to the players, not the club, so the club would still pay and lose the 5 Million. Besides, they could have been bribed even more to help Liverpool win

The really big clubs, like Barcelona, have clauses in their sponsorship contracts whereby they receive additional sponsors fees if they win major competitions such as the Champions League.
£5m is nothing in modern football terms.

Bayern Munich just signed a sponsorship deal with Audi for $1bn. Yup, billion, over 10 years, I think. Crazy money. Mercedes was trying to replace them, but couldn’t/wouldn’t offer more.

It is ridiculous to think lower table teams can compete with this level of money coming in. And Bayern has been at the top of the food chain since forever. So they been realizing the benefits of such deals for many many years whereas others haven’t even for one year.

I have a video here that shows how Football is Rigged ! So I knew it all along.

And here is a documentary:

All sports are rigged and Soccer is the worst.
It’s the biggest sport in the world…it could be rigged on a local team suburbs level or a high team level. It’s a business, run by people who want money, they knew there was money to be made in the sports entertainment industry. They don’t care about you, they don’t care about the teams, they care about money. I bet on sports all the time and it’s amazing how world famous teams get beaten by nobody unknown teams all the time…How?? How do the worlds best professionals get beaten by random nobodies, yet in sports it happens all the time.

there always been allegations of match rigging this in the UK let alone other parts of the globe ,though why on earth would they rig the biggest games in world club football when under the scrutiny of the global media. English teams happened to meet each other in both finals because in earlier rounds they have to be avoided. As for Barca losing at Anfiled (liverpool) its the most difficult venue in world club football to get result in recent years, there was something special in the atmosphere that night .

yes it possible cos in football a team can have 78 % possession have 20 shots on goal hit the woodwork 3 times and still not score then the underdogs have one shot on target and win. That why bookmakers love football punters

A lot of sports are rigged, that’s why I mostly just watch for the show than anything else.

It’s Metalwork, Not woodwork. It’s made of metal.