For Fun (Testing)

Hi all,

This isn’t really a trading journal, more like a bit of fun. I’m a big fan of grids and averaging based on price movement only; I use no indicators at all. I’m always developing new ideas to add to and improve my current system. This week I thought i’d go out on a limb with a test and share my success or failure with the forum via a newly opened account posted on myfxbook.

The strategy is based on bombarding the current price with a large number of small orders either side of it, hoping that a ranging market will create an equity increase (provided that a sudden trend doesn’t wipe me out). The initial account balance is 1000 with a leverage of 1000-1. I’m using GBPUSD.

This is a rocket-fuelled version of one of my actual systems and is hugely risky so please don’t try to use it because, unless you have some experience with grids and averaging it’ll blow your account … it’s just for fun.


Good luck with this @Barrigan! :smiley: Sounds interesting. :slight_smile: Haha.

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Thanks for tuning in ria_rose and anyone else who is interested.

The first day (yesterday) was a disaster for this strategy as it requires a ranging market and the price kept on falling without pulling up for any meaningful amount. If you look at the order history, all but 2 of the first fifty completed trades were from one direction (sell) … in a ranging situation you would see a more balanced pattern. To be honest, if I was trading this live I would have pulled the plug on it once I realised how it was going but as it’s only a test I let it ride.

We’ll see how it goes today.

Due to the trending problems yesterday I have changed the exit method for the orders, replacing the take profit exit strategy with a stop loss placed after a certain profit level is reached. It should make the possible trend spikes safer.

I like that you’re taking a bit of a funny attitude to sometimes(!) borrringgg trading. And like you said, your trading system is really very risky, it’s good that you warn other users about it. I would also add that I think that people in this forum would also be interested in watching your journal (at least me), keep us updated about your trading activity and other funny systems :0

this thread is interesting