Forecasting Forex

Doesn’t an economy drive the value of a nations dollar? Is there such a thing as a live graph that shows you how a countries economy is performing?

The reason I ask is that it seems to me that forecasting Forex with the use of indicators and such is like forecasting the weather once it has already arrived. I’m a little more interested in knowing what’s coming ahead of time.

Would it not be far better to analyze a nations economy to forecast Forex movements rather than to just analyze Forex?

no live charts of a countries economical performance that i know of however you can view regular news releases and reports on certain economical data which often causes significant moves in the forex market

News | Currency Trading News | Currency Quotes | Commentary | Analysts - FX 360> is a good site for this

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Thanks for that.

i couldnt agree more :slight_smile:

thats why i’d suggest you dont even bother with indicators and dive straight into some real analysis - PRICE ACTION - mainly support and resistance lines, scalp lines and trendlines

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