Forex and Liberty Reserve,e-gold and what's the minimum to trade?


Are there also Forex brokers where you can use e-currencies like LR or e-gold.
When I want to start to learn trading I’d like to use an e-currency.
And are there also brokers where you can start with a small amount like $5 , just to start.
I’m looking forward to your replies.

Thanks a lot :wink:

A search through the forums will answer this often asked question. Also, check out How to Choose a Forex Broker - .

I already used the “search”,but couldn’t find the right information .
I will have a look at the link in your post.
Thanks a lot :wink:

The only “good” one I know of is LiteForex -

1$ min deposit E-Gold / Webmoney / Bank Wire

I only recommend them for small amounts <10k$

I was able to withdraw around 7k with them a few months ago no problems…

Great,thanks for your information Bigvick :smiley:

yes i did good 10 days trading with them, $20 into $114, no problems with payout, very helpful company though not regulated.

Marketiva for e-bullion and LR is probably most well-known; they used e-gold previously, but after e-gold was raided by federal regulators (back on 12/05) and Doug Jackson was indicted (some other things may’ve happened since then as well, but I haven’t followed it), it was - understandably - dropped.

That said - and any debate about the validity of gold-backed e-currencies aside - be very careful with any firm that accepts e-gold, LR, etc. -> $1 min