Forex beginner topic

Hi my name is Morgan. I’m just interested in learn something new and making money to help other people on my journey.

most welcome in there , have you read any basic article about trading ? any basic experience you have already ?

Yes, I have. I know the basics higher high, lower lows, lower highers, support and resistance. My only problem is price action. When is the right time to enter the market?

When the FXmarket is open to trades.

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Often you can set an entry order at a price level that will tend to confirm your plan for where price is going. For example if you want to enter an uptrend, you could wait for a number of candles with lower highs and lower lows and then set a buy order just above the high of the most recent candle. That way price has to start moving in your hoped for direction before you are in the market, up to this point you have no risk.

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Thank you for responding

Hello Morgan. Welcome to the community! Start learning about the fundamentals of Forex trading. That will give you a great benefit and help to start this journey. All the best