Forex Book Recommendations?

Anybody have any “must read” books that will help a new trader? I plan on day trading if it helps, currently have:

Currency Trading for Dummies

Day Trading the Currency Market.

Any other recommendations?

Trading as a Business…

I have a book list that I’m going through, it’s from a post I found here on bpips can’t remember who made it though.

Mark Douglas: Trading in the Zone, and The Disciplined Trader

Dr. Alexander Elder: Trading for a Living, Come Into My Trading Room, and Sell & Sell Short

Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg: Millionaire Traders

Jack Schwager: The New Market Wizards

Brett Steenbarger: Enhancing Trader Performance

Michael Covel: The Complete Turtle Trader

Curtis Faith: Way of the Turtle, and Inside the Mind of the Turtles

Van Tharp: Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, and Super Trader

Max Gunther: The Zurich Axioms: Investment Secrets of the Swiss Bankers

John Murphy: Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

Steve Nison: Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, and Beyond Candlesticks

Mark Galant and Brian Dolan: Currency Trading for Dummies

Barbara Rockefeller: Technical Analysis for Dummies

Good list. Just because any list is bound to be long (there’s a lot to learn), I’d recommend that you start with 1 book in each trading skills (technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading psychology, and risk management) and go from there.

There’s no point reading for ages if you don’t feel for it. Start a demo account and just try.

Also, there’s no need to limit yourself to forex books. The basics of trading is the same across any market.

John Persons Tech Trading Tactics as well as his Candlestick & Pivot Point Trading Triggers
How did you find the Currency Trading for Dummies, I didn’t like it, the lay out was bad,
I also have bought Thomas Bulkowski Chart Patterns, but haven’t read it yet, a tip if your buying John Persons Books, read it many times, there so much in it,

Gary :):slight_smile: