Forex books to up my game on trading

Please, can someone recommend a book for someone who is new to forex trading and has been trading on demo accounts to get a feel for how it feels like. I want the book to be something that will help me make the transition from noob to professional trader. I have seen other threads created here but think they did not address my concerns the way I want it.

Trading in the zone - Mark Douglas.


You can check the Babypips school that is designed for the new comers. You can also check the You Tube videos for understanding the basic knowledge of forex. However, yes, you can also check audio books, forex e-books which are reliable actually for acquiring basic theoretical knowledge here.

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You can mark my words for poster above me, why do you need any ebooks while everywhere you already located here you see them simply and there is no other way for that matter ? Just read out forums and you will be set and good to go.

pips school and practical videos from you tube, its a good choice for newcomers but i dont believe at all the experience of Bookish knowledge.