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I just wanted to let everyone know of a book that helped me understand Forex a little better, “Forex Revolution” by Perter Rosenstreichis. Also for those of you who are looking to buy books I’ve found by looking on Walmarts web sight under books you can purchase them for a good price. You all have a good day

Cool - I’ll check it out.

My favorite is Kathy Liens’ ‘Day Trading the Currency Market’

I am very new to forex trading. I am reading my 1st book
" Getting Started in Currency Trading" by Micheal Archer.
I is very good for a start it has all of the basic fundamental information
you need to begin a trading experience. Now I am looking for a book
that can take me to the next level. May be fundamental or technical
analysis. Does anyone have a good suggestion?


j white

You might want to try some online free stuff. It’s of course not the most elaborate source, but I found there some valuable information. They also encompass a bit of fundamental and technical analyses. So, if you are a beginner, I am pretty sure it’ll be of some help to you! Afterwards, if you need a place to try yourself on a free demo account, you can check out this website!

take care and good luck!

Has anyone found any books on Candlestick Patterns? I have found alot of info on them the only problem is they just tell you what they are and not how to read them.

I have an e book by Steve Nison. The file is too big to attach. It explains everything you need to know about candle sticks. If you want it leave your email address I’ll send to you.

You might like to check this site out. - it does have some info you might appreciate.

j white

oops I meant to say the sites address is:

I have tried to research info on candle sticks. He is supposed to be
some kind of guru. I would like to read that if you don’t mind.
Please send ke a copy.



I will return the favor if I can

I was thinking about buying this book. I would like to know did it
help you with developing a trade strategy? What did you like most
about the book?

j white

I would like to know what did you like most about this book. I may like
to buy it. What was the strong point in the book?

thanks for your feed back

j white

I am new to forex but use candlestick patterns in my share trading every day. I have found some currency trading charts easy to read because of my usage with Shares. The book I found most helpful in respect to candle sticks and their patterns is The Secret Of Candlestick Charting by Louise Bedford. Its based on the Australian Stock Exchange. Can anyone comment if there is much of a difference between analysing charts for shares or currency? So far I havent tried to use charts for currency just browsed them out of interest.


It gave me an understanding of currency from past to future. It also explained everything in detail so that I could understand more of the Forex world.

Have a good one.

I just finished the book “The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading” by Jared Martinez and I t hink it was an excellent book. He stressed Fibonacchi & Trendlines. The only bad thing is that I think he was trying to push his indicators & website since he is the founder of MTI (Martket Traders Institute) but it was still worth the read to me.



I’m bringing up a old thread to ask some forum readers on some good overall forex books that are not trying to advertise/persuade the reader to use broker methods of trading. I like Elder’s books and have read them, but now I am wanting something that is more in gear toward just the forex market. Thanks.


hey fuside,

could you please send the steve nison ebook to me, i heard he is really good too