Forex broker differences

I use JAFX as my demo broker at the moment, but would like to scan around for different brokers just to see the differences between…any suggestions on which ones I should demo?

Hmmm. How about :smiley: Haha. They’re pretty responsive here so I guess it might be easier to contact them for any questions if you ever decide to try them out. :smiley: If you’re looking for more, you might also wanna try Oanda and FXCM. :smiley: Haha. (I hope this doesn’t get deleted lol I’m not advertising guys :sweat_smile:)


What I would do is go to tradingview and see the top forex brokers.

Like Oanda, forex. com, ICE and FXCM.

Then I would check if they have a live chat(this is huge to me)

Then I would ask questions to their CS department like deposits, withdrawals,regulations, demos.

Then I would create a demo account and taste by myself.

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Why would anyone use a broker “registered” in the Grenedines?

what you think guys , by seeing demos performance it is possible to ensure brokers real attitude ?

there are far difference between demo and live performance.

can you explain what difference between two?

I’ve been using Oanda as my demo broker. Their web trading platform is pretty good. :wink:

How do I see the brokers on trading view?

according to me, there is no difference between two , its all about different psychology.

When you search for a pair you will see the FX brokers that are in there

Hi there, if i’m right JAFX is non regulated forex broker. And demo account doesn’t show you full picture of this broker. According to this review this broker doesn’t have FCA or ASIC licenses. So better think twice, before opening live account.
About some similar brokers, i won’t advice you non regulated one. Try to trade only with regulated one. And what are main criterias for broker do you have? Tell me, so i’ll try to find some good brokers for you.

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I feel brokers are distinct and unique in their own way, it all depends on what you want and your style of trade that determines which broker you go for.
They all have their strengths and weaknesses, just look at which of these feature will favor you more. You can always go to brokers review sites; good information are given there on different brokers.