Forex Broker in UK

Best Broker in the United Kingdom? I am a newbie

Who the most unethical on a scale 10-1 , you want a broker regulated by the FCA I’ve with a broker who been around for donkies years Its difficult to get genuine feedback from sources online in this business because lots of it from bitter customer s who can’t accept their loses . The main priority obviously you want to know your money in " safe hands"

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You could review TD365 to see if it suits you. Has fixed spreads.

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I’d suggest Fxview if you are looking for a well regulated broker with good trading conditions. The minimum deposit is also quite low, only $5.

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I heard the UK has strict rules when it comes to brokers, so any broker that is given the permission to operate in the UK is good enough for me.


The process of choosing a broker remains the same irrespective of the country. A regulated broker that offers tight spreads, fast trade execution speed and fast withdrawals is what traders would like to trade with.

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Check for the regulations before creating an account with a broker

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You can check out other threads on babypips to find out top brokers that provide services in the UK. You’ll be overwhelmed to see the number of good options available on the forum.

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Can go with aaafx, a good one.

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Any are pretty decent to be honest

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Not sure about UK brokers, but I’d suggest checking reviews on Forex Peace Army before you choose one to be sure that they’re trustworthy.

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Hello … Thanks for the response, Forex peace army? … What’s that?

Trustworthy? Forex Peace Army aren’t! :-1: :rofl:

Forex Peace Army slag off good brokers, cos they won’t pay protection money, then recommend their dodgy Russian friends registered in Vanuatu.
IG are ok in UK and I concur with @steve369 TD365 (tight fixed spreads and 1:200 leverage, if you like low timeframes)

It’s a site that gives reviews of brokers and people can also comment and warn others if they’ve been scammed by a particular broker. I usually start there when considering one, but also read multiple other results on different sites to be sure I’m getting an unbiased review from real traders.

Take recommendations but do your own research too. A broker that works well for me might not work that well for you. Look for things like tradable assets, currency pairs offered, and the tools you can use to trade. Also, make sure that your broker offers the micro account because you need to test your broker with a small amount before taking a big risk with them.

When you trade, you will have to make deposits and withdrawals from time to time. This requires a smooth transaction process at the minimum costs. Do check what your broker has got to offer.

How’s trading conditions with aaafx? Can I deposit via crypto?

It doesn’t really matter which country you belong to. The basic process of choosing the right broker remains the same. You have to see how good they are with their trading platforms and tools and which currency pairs they offer. If they offer all that you need for trading, they are a good choice for you.

I have seen that slippage is a major issue with many brokers. You execute your order at some price and it gets filled at some other price. So, better make sure that your broker doesn’t cause any delays while execution.