Forex broker (non us traders)

Hello everyone.
I am looking for an honest broker,but I am facing
Some major problems. I have been told that the regulations dont protect me If I am not living in that regulation country and opened a bank account in that country and I am that country Nationalist.for example the NFA protects only Americans and the FCA only watches brookers inside UK and protects the people in the UK and who are British Nationalist.Please help me in that matter it might look like a weird discussion for some people but this is serious in some parts around the world because I live in a third world country where all the Google search results are advertisements that are mostly scams and I got headache everytime I search for a brooker.Please could you recommend help me in that matter mentioned above.In addition I will be really grateful if you guys recommend me some really trusted brooker.Right now am considering pepperstone, swissquote bank,,fxtm,blueberry markets,and axi trader.But still I need your guidance guys in order to not fall for a scam again just like I did with will be really greatfull for everyone who healped in that mattar. @anon81929759 yor advice is highly appreciated.

First question, where do you live?
If you can tell us, you may find other members here in your country who can advise you

@eddieb am a Jordanian Living in Saudi Arabia (Expatriate).

Okay, you need a broker who is regulated by the CMA.
Their website might help. Can you change your thread title to something like ‘Saudi Arabian broker needed’, which might catch the eye of other traders in the region

@eddieb Unfortunatly,CMA only approves for. Trading forex and other investment local banks that offer high spreads and dosent allow Expatriates participate :frowning: .