Forex Brokers Alberta 2019

Hey everybody,

I have been having a hard time finding a good broker that I can use when residing, and paying tax here in Alberta, Edmonton. Do you have any suggestions that will allow me to open an account without having 200k+ worth of assets to make me an accredited investor?

Thanks in advance

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Cheers, lads.

Did you ever get a response on this? Are you actively trading? I’m also in Alberta and experiencing the same problem!

Take a look what I have found for you, there are few links for example - forex broker alberta edmonton - Google Search…0…1…gws-wiz…0i71j35i39j0i30j0i8i30.cVwVJuH0OJ4

Finding a broker in your region is easy. There are many international brokers that will allow you to open an account without such requirements. They don’t care about how much assets you have.


I am in the same predicament, I have invested a lot of time in fx. This includes getting to know MT4, using a demo account for 3 mo and trading in general (Crypto) 2 yrs (total).

Please share which broker you have aligned yourself with and if any deposits or withdraws have been completed. In return, here is a list for anyone incl. OP with a similar question.

Brokers who accept Canadians but have AB restriction (Accredited Investor)

  1. CMC
  2. FXTM
  3. Oanda
  4. Forex

Candians Denied

  1. IC Markets
  2. FP Markets
  3. Easy Market (Pending verification, allowed me to select country of residence)

Pending App

  1. Interactive Brokers
  2. Easy Markets

List is not completed.

Hey theSess any luck finding that “almost perfect” broker? I’ve been in a quest to try to find a brokers that works for me as I am also a resident of Alberta.
So far I’ve found a few offshore forex & CFD’s brokers that accept Canadians (more precisely Albertans).

  • VantageFX
  • DukasCopy “Europe”
  • EasyMarkets
  • FIbOGroup

I’m in the process or reviewing. It’s a lot of work!!

Hope you hear back from ya.


Hey mate,
which broker did you end up opening an account as a resident of Alberta

Hey bud! For Sure! I ended up opening an account with DukasCopy Europe. There are still a variety of options out there that accept Canadians (Albertans). The only thing for me tho is that I was looking for a Non MT4/5 platform as I just dislike that kind of platforms, their graphics, complexity non use friendly layout, etc. If you don’t mind operating a MT4/5 platform you will have good options out there still (Axi being one of many) if you live in Alberta. If you are looking more for a market maker or ECN broker that offers an in house platform and you reside in Alberta, that’s when I run into a wall and when I spent a lot of time, effort and frustration. Feel free to float me a text over if you have any other question. Let me know what brokers you ended up trying out.


Hey mate,
thanks for your response. yes I do live in Alberta as well. right now just searching on forex peace army website for brokers. found these ones so far: GlobalPrime, tradersway, FXChoice
r u happy with dukas so far

No worries man. First of all I don’t do Forex (I’m a CFD trader) so I might not be the right persone to advice you. However most (if not all) brokers that offer forex they offer CFD’s as well. I’ve tried GlobalPrime and FXChoice, they’re both good brokers. GlobalPrime is the winner when it comes to commissions and customer service. Keep in mind They are both MT4 (MT5 by now I think) so if that’s what you’re going for I suggest you to try their platforms, play around with them and basically go from there.

Good luck!

thanks for your response. between GlobalPrime, fpmarkets, fusionmarkets which one would you suggest. they all accept us.

Hey man! I see you going with MT4/5 platforms that good. As said I don’t trade on these kind of platforms so I can’t advice you on them. Just wanted to mentioned that I have heard very good comments about the Australian broker global prime. Supreme customer service and very low commissions. I am sticking with DukasCopy for the reasons stated before.

Enjoy mate!

thanks mate! much respect.