Forex brokers to use with tradingview

Hi guys. Do you know if I can use tradingview with any broker ? Do you recommend some broker that accept people from Brazil ?


When trying to connect brokers in Tradingview, you will get a list of brokers for your region. At least that is what happens when I try to connect in Europe.
My option is 3-4 brokers. However, I know that some brokers like has a European branch which is relatively new because of Brexit and if you sign up with the broker for EU you will be able to connect that acount to TradingView even though it isn’t listed.

I would look into the full broker list on TradingView and see if any of them are operating in Brasil. I think the list is som 20 brokers or so. If you find one, try to create a demo and then try to connect the demo to TradingView.

I know that takes on customers from everywhere, but then it won’t be regulated by FCA or CySek, but the Belarus regulations which to me means absolutely zero as I don’t trust Belarus operations. Just because it says FCA and Cysek doesn’t mean that your account will benefit that security, it won’t. So be careful to understand what it means regarding regulatory areas specfic to Brasil. For instance, FCA requires more from brokers than Cysek, but since Brexit, Cysek is what we get in EU.

Good luck!

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It is better to go for a broker that has no such limitations. There are several brokers out there that accept clients from all around the world without any specific formality.

No, you cannot use Tradingview with all the brokers because not all brokers offer Tradingview. If you want to use Tradingview, you will have to find the brokers that offer it. You can simply perform research on your own and check which brokers offer Tradingview.

Not many brokers are offering that. Plus MT4/MT5 has its chart features that everyone seems to like and enjoy.

Found a list in here