FOREX Certification and/or License

Hey guys,
I’ve been trading for about a year. Obviously still learning alot, and while I do have TONS of questions I’ll stick to just one. Recently I was looking at job applications (I am in college) and under “Skills” and such things, they had a drop down menu and you could select if any apply to you.

One of them was something like FOREX Certified/Licensed Trader. What exactly does that mean, and how do I go about obtaining such a certificate? I am planning on sticking with trading for a long time and it would be nice if I could somehow relay this to future employers.
I’m guessing such a certificate would be quite helpful to tell them I’m not just some random kid who’s done 10 trades and calls himself a “trader”.

Thank you

Have dug and dug, Google, Digg, etc…can’t find anything…:confused:

Thanks for your time, hopefully I didnt read it wrong and it does exist because it would be nice.
Let’s see if one of the guys who works in a company related to Forex might know something.


Yeah. for FOREX there’s something called the ACI Dealing Certificate, which could probably get you a job at a bank (in Treasury) or some other financial institutions or big company’s treasury as a junior dealer.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a job speculating or trading, or even doing that immediately, so make sure you know what they have in mind for you before you accept any offers.

The ACI thing will get your foot in the door. That’s what it’s good for.

And there’s second more rigorous certification program called the ACI Diploma, which it’s recommended you do after a couple years ‘dealing’ or trading.

Yahoo! or Google ACI Forex and you’ll find out how to prepare for the computer test, that you can probably take anytime you want.

gd luck

I guess thats what I saw. Now I’ll need to take it hehe.