Forex Challenge: Can you make a living from trading via prop firm FTMO?

I think the only way to be certain to deliver profit the next month is running a martingale and cross the fingers, so I am not interested.
Once you win the account you can trade a real strategy with realistic expectations.
AFAIK the only trader profiting every year is Jim Simons and I don’t think he is profiting every month or every quarter.
Profit from trading is uncorrelated to stocks but not smoother than stocks.

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You dont have to guarantee profit every single month if youre funded, you just need to make sure you dont break the rules. Even a few percent profit per month on a large 6 figure account can provide a descent living.

I was speaking about the challange.
To pass you have to produce a profitable month so the “underlying idea” is that good traders should be able to profit every month.
A seriuos selection would not be based on unrealistic profit targets.

Im sure FTMO advertise for “The Best” traders, which you could argue would justify the profit target.

Plus remember its called a “challenge” so its not supposed to represent an average month of trading.

So if you combine “the best traders” and “challenge” Im assuming most will agree that 10% in 30 days would be an acceptable feat, for those specific groups mentioned.

FTMO or any other firm is not going to make you rich. You gotta plan your own survival in the world of trading. Practice, plan, and be patient.

I reckon FTMO could make you rich and combined with other prop accounts, then most definetely, as long as your consistent enough.