Forex Club $100 free account

Has anybody tried this? I’ve seen it on the home page of babypips. Just afraid to give them my info without asking first. They let you open a free real account with $100 in it. You can not withdraw the $100 but you can withdraw the profits (if you make any). It does not state, however, what happens if you lose the $100 trading. Anybody tried it? Or does anybody know if this is a reputable broker?

YEA! I tryed it.
They said they would email me an account # and I never heard back from them. But give it a try and let me know how you do

i have heard about that fx club deal. i didnt try it because i dont wanna give them my info., but if this offer is any good, TELL US!

Same here!

Hi, total newbie here. Im not a master trader, but I am excelent at research, so I found this about Forex Club. They are registered with the NFA (national futures assosiation), they are NFA member aproved and a registered futures commision merchant. Have been since 1/18/06. As of today there are no scam reports. Have not tried them yet, but Im going to as soon as I get profitable on my practice account. they want your info like any other broker when you are trading with real money, they want to know they can get thier money if you blow the $100 and owe them money on a margin call. So, in conclusion, they seem ok, but approach this as carefully as you would any other broker, you could still screw yourself on just thier $100.

Thanks piptastic! :slight_smile:

so… if you lose their 100$ that is supposedly ‘‘free’’ they are going to send you a bill?