Forex Club

Anyone any dealings with/had any experience of Forex Club ?

I’ve been working with FOREX CLUB for more than year, everything seems ok. Normal growing broker, they recently moved to Wall Street.

hmm what is this Forex Club?.

A couple friends of mine said that they have accounts in Forex Club, and the trading conditions is quite comfortable. According to them this broker is regulated by NFA and CFTC (what is very important for me since I’m not going to lose money because of cheap tricks of dishonest brokers) and they organise seminars for the beginners (that is good too).

Looks interesting.

According to thread activity noone has an experience to trade with FC. Okay, I’ll try to open a demo account.

OK, here are some impressions from having demo accounts in FC.

First and the foremost - multiple platforms. There are ExpressFX (for those who want to start trading, that platform has user-friendly interface), Rumus (exclusive platform developed by FC), ActTrader (best choice I think) and wide-known MT4. Most of these platforms have mobile versions so you can trade through your iPhone or Android-phone, which is very comfortable.

During almost 3 weeks of trading on ActTrader I haven’t experienced any major requotes, lags etc. Yes, in periods of heightened volatility sometimes it’s difficult to open a deal but it’s a quite common thing for all the brokers and platforms I tried. BTW, the customer service is always online (and judging by their ability to stay calm and friendly to me examining them they have lots of patience).

Some traders can consider the level of leverage about 1:50 as a disadvantage but I think it’s a good way to learn traders how to control their own risks.

And now I seriously think of opening a real account in FC.

Hi there! Me again.
So here I’m on a real account in FC for about 2 weeks. For now the emotions are quite the same as while trading on their demo - everything is smooth and quick. Really hope that the situation won’t change dramatically.
Please feel free to ask questions.

BTW a friend of mine being complete noob at Forex trading opened an account with Forex Club on their Start FX2 platform. According to his words, the terminal is so simple that even his grandma could get into it.

How is your experience with Forex Club till now? Are you making profit or losing?

You know, if i followed MM rules strickly i’d have a nice profit, but… I entered with almost half of my depo in EURUSD with intention to buy a bottom and then got one more bottom for free :smiley: Completely my fault.

For now I don’t have any claims to Forex Club, they do their job well - minimum requotes, no slippage, nice spreads.

and what about their news trading service?

Well, they have DowJones newsfeed as well as their own news section, lots of analysis (daily TA&FA), various strategies etc.

As for requotes or slippage - I didn’t notice anything outstanding. Of course, prices can jump during the release of a major indocator, but it’s too common thing to be unexpected from a broker.

Guys dоеs аnyone of yоu hаvе an expеrience оf PАMM invеsting or somеthing like that? The thing is that FX Club launched such a service (Investment Accounts) and I’d like to try it, but I’d also like to collect any related feedback.

It seems that their Investment accounts really offer an opportunity to earn some.
The system looks to be organised quite transparently in order investor to view all the manager’s decisions.

Continue to get into this stuff…

Hi there, I’ve invested ‘a couple of $’ in this thing. Average monthly yield is about 15% (not brilliant, now thinking of changing the manager).
The system is quite user-friendly and gives investor good opportunities to monitor manager’s activity.
Worth trying at least.

Yep, I’ve jumped on this boat too.
Interesting to watch someone making money for you :59:

You think 15% monthly is not brilliant?

I’d say it’s just a HUGE profit and the manager should be locked in the basement so he could trade every day an night! No, really man, this is a very good number and I’m only hoping that I could get such a manager.

Well, fx club recently held demo contests and a friend of my friend managed to win an iPad while my luck was suck!

Nevertheless I’m ending the month with 3% of gain on my investment account :cool:

At last I realised that 15% monthly is just a great profit. Unfortunately, I had to realise it because my manager started to make about 0.4-0.7% per month. Thats why I had to quit him (just couple of clicks) and find another one. Lets see what happens.