Greetings dear members of the forum, those who have knowledge of the broker please tell me with your references that I want to open a real account with this broker ??? and if this broker already has to negotiate with BITCOINS ??? Beforehand I am grateful for your comments.

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What do you want to do with Do you want to open an account with them but use them to trade BTC?

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Hi @garosales

Bitcoin trading is now available with UK. For more details, please visit our main discussion thread in the Broker Support forum: discussion

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You’re great ¡¡¡ I have real count whit you, thanks for all

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Yes, my friend to trade with Bitcoins I’m interesting for the XBT

It’s our pleasure, @garosales

We arranged the follow up call you requested.

Thanks for being a client of is a brokerage platform? Surprise!!! I have known it’s a educational site as like Pips school. :innocent::innocent: