Has anyone tried As I have tried it and lost £40k.

No, but after the first 10 would it not have been rather obvious that the site wasn’t the place for you?

What do you mean?

It means after you lost the first 10k don’t you think you should have done some reflecting? Figured out what the issue is, I probably would have started long before that even.

You could easily switch to another broker and lose another 40k just cause you lose doesn’t mean its the broker. If you were using a bucket shop I would look at that first but your not so I think there’s probably more to the issue.

Basically i made from £10k to aprox £40k profit and only lost out because of over buying and not having enough profit to ride out the down trend so i had to deposit more and more money to let it go down as i knew it will come back up but it went further down and i did not have enough funds so it was automatically sold and lost the £40k of my own money and £40k of profit which was made.

The problem was made worse when the market when down increase there spread on the trade.

Lesson learn not to over trade.

Currently looking to start again from scratch and thinking to deposit full amount of any trade so when it goes down i have full control over it rather than using leverage. What do you think?

Also any suggestion to good software and brokers?

Bro sounds like a poor tradesman blaming his tool. Got no experience with but from what I’ve seen there’s better options out there. Also be looking into backtesting your strategy some more to evaluate its potential in both risk n profit. Some hard work ahead for you my friend. Best of luck

Hi and welcome…I am sorry about your loss…This reminds me of when students fail a test and immediately blame their teacher: oftentimes, it is their lack of studying and preparation that caused them to fail. True, their teacher may not be perfect, but he/she cannot stop them from failing on the day of the test; also, it is up to them to reflect on their mistakes when they fail, lest they should repeat those mistakes in every subsequent test.

So it is true of a broker and their client…

Not directly an advice, but just what happened to me …
I got the guy on the phone to ask him where I can download Trade Station 2 !!!
He said he cannot provide it to me because it’s from competition. He gave me another link, and wished me luck.
I downloaded their Java platform, and … hell I couldn’t use it. 10 minutes later I figured out I opened a live account with the wrong company :slight_smile:

This is not a broker problem, it’s a lack of education problem.
Stop trading with live money, and dedicate more time to learning about the market.
Your focus needs to be on the process, not the results.

I agree with Bob and Jake… We are not judging you, firbest, by the way: I am sure that I speak for all of us here when I say that we have all lost money in trading… We really want to wish you well in your trading, and our advice, of course, is subjective, so you may take it or leave it! :slight_smile:

I have been with (Gain Capital) and I do not have any problems with them. I should probably complain on something. Hmmm what would that be? ( thinking) nope I got nothing…

Thank you, PipNRoll :slight_smile:

Please don’t. We tend only to hear bad reviews because some one blames their broker for their losses instead of accepting responsibility for their own action. It’s nice to hear someone say I like my broker.

I’ll now revisit my opinion on backed on a positive review by a reputable source. Cheers

Oh I love my broker!!.. I will marry him if I could lol. How is that sounds? sounds creep lol just kidding!

Happy Sunday :slight_smile: