Forex Copier software

A much better solution probably the best out there currently for copying your trades. They offer two versions. The forex copier remote 2 is useful for sending out signal services. It’s great as your friends can copy whatever you do. Or your clients can see what you’re doing. You can also customize what sort of access they have from you. Proprietary trading firms can get a ton out from it I guess.
The one that was more interested in is the third one. The software is straightforward to use. Installs and sets up easily. The demo version offers you to link two accounts. But I guess that’s enough for anyone to test it out. I guess the software truly shows its potential when you want to maximize your profit. Didn’t test it out during news hours. The only con that I noticed was that you have to restart your MetaTrader for it to work other than it’s a 10/10.


What’s the name of the software? Did you buy it already, or just testing? How much?

I think the market for people using that here is pretty small. Lots and lots of noobs.

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Bought and tested. The name of the software is forex copier you can look it up at forexcopier. c o m . They got a Halloween sale these days so it’s pretty cheap I guess around 150 bucks.
Yea you’re right man I also discovered it a few months ago it took away a lot of headaches. Now I am managing multiple Metatrader accounts. Even thinking of selling my own signals lol.


Bluefx offers a free copier for free since 2010. Don’t waste your money buying something that is already available for free, man!

It doesn’t work that good man. You get what you pay for. And regarding forex id say spending a few is nothing compared to what you’re getting in return.

This one

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Ha funny name. Good for you. Hope it turns into success for you.

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Forexcopier do offer these software, I think is the best solution for copying trading, they offer free trial you guys you can try it.

@shams_khan, You could use a REAL platform like Ctrader 3.7 that has trade copying built in…

All free and integrated with Charting, Algorithmic and Backtesting features…

So many here wasting time using “Windows XPish” Metatrader 4 or 5.

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Thanks for your thread. I have heard about Forex Copier from different sources. As a newbie, I would like to try this Forex Copier. I hope this could fulfill my desire. Here are a few good reasons why I would like to try this Forex Copier?

i> Easy to install and visual setup.
ii> Flexible settings.
iii> No profit sharing.
iv> Lightning and fast copying.
v> Easy to manage clients.

What do you think? I really need someone for better advice.

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I have used this tool for few days, here are my observations , might help you.
Its easy to install and visual set up is hassle free. With moderate level of experience doing forex trading one can easily understand what is going on.

About the speed of copying for low frequency trades bases on H4 level is pretty good.


Definitely, it’s not for the new forex trades and those who have not reached to level of practical precise risk management skill in forex trading. For these candidates I will suggest to have a look at the tool and test the demo. In case of you are decided to buy a signal service from MT5 market place (FOREX COPIER REMOTE 2).

It’s mainly targeted to mature forex traders where they have multiple forex broker accounts. And they know what they are doing with tight risk management in place. For instance, if you have divided funds in multiple broker accounts . Or if you have multiple broker accounts under different regulations. For instance, ASIC and FCA.

The interesting use I found if you are giving live trading account for your son or daughter for teaching purposes . You can set up the reverse trades in FOREX COPIER REMOTE. But definitely don’t tell them that you are taking opposite sides of their trades!!!

The “Latency” in copying the trades especially for high frequency trades.

I have observed 1 sec latency in few trades. It should not be a problem if you are copying couple of trades in a day. However, for the high frequency algos it might be an issue. The 1 sec latency might be because of the internet speed hiccup or because of the computer processor lag. I have tested forex copier on 4 CPU / 3.4 Ghz/ 16 gb ram PC.

One must test the tool on its own especially if target deployment is for Algo trades.

There is loads of good copiers out there.

Is this tool working completely automatically? Can you also managing it from your mobile?

Not every broker supports ctrader. Also, the spreads on it are not equivalent to what one can achieve with an ECN account. So id stick with Forex Copier 3 and Forex copier remote 2. Check it out if you wish forexcopier dot com

Tried them all this is the best one trust me.

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That’s great mate I will try that. I’m looking to automate my forex trading even more. For now I’m using ctrader and one prop firm who does it automatically for me. Still need more independents ways to make money from forex.

I have tested on the desktop mode, it work fully automatic once all conditions are set. There are no issues with the connectivity too. I tested it for 6 hours, it was connected all the time without any issues. I dont think it has any mobile app, please see their website. Hope it helps Cheers Tushar

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Prop firms are good until they take their own share of profits. And I seriously hate that. So better do it on ma own,