Forex Copier Software

Did you guys try out forex copier software? Has anyone got any experience with that? I’m currently in demo mode thinking of buying the original license. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you please confirm if you are talking about the software in general or some particular brand since there are many service providers for the same?

Hmmm. :thinking: I personally don’t have any experience using this copier software but I looked it up and it seems like there are pretty good reviews:

I’m just curious though. :open_mouth: What made you decide you wanna try it out? :open_mouth:

About the software in general. I am currently using the demo. Ill buy it soon I think. Soo far its super useful for me to open trades on the same pc on multiple mt4 accounts.

I wanted to copy trades on other accounts. that my friend had given me. Also using the remote version im teaching some of my other friends and in turn im taking some of their profits. So it s win win for me now.

Is your friend a full time trader?

Yes but he is an amateur. So he wanted to invest with me. I take some of his profits 40 percent and the rest are his. I usually do 10 percent a month so that’s a good gain on my side.

This topic is already being discussed in another place, so please go there.