Forex Crypt and TCL - Scott Herman Schink(SCAMMER)

Attention BabyPips Members.

A well known scammer in the Crypto and Forex Community called Scott Herman Schink is actively scamming people with his crap training group called TradeCryptoLive, his entire training course has been stolen from Scott Barkley at Proact Traders, who is currently suing Scott and TCL for fraud and Copyright Infringement.

This person, Scott Herman Schink is still on parole for Meth Production and Distribution, numerous break and enters, and many other crimes.

He is one to stay very clear off, he has sent me over 300 harassing tweets on twitter, has posted unfounded lies about me, has shared sensitive documents about me online which now I am currently suing him with fraud over and the list goes on.

This person is well and truly headed back to Prison, for good this time.

Go do a google search for Scott Herman Schink and you will see an extensive list of Court documents outlining his numerous offences.

ForexCrypt and Scott Schink are the same person.

The entire twittersphere, Facebook and Telegram knows this is you Scott Herman Schink, Mo Bakash and Yohann Azlee from the SCAM BUSINESS, TRADECRYPTOLIVE now called TCL EDUCATION after he scammed his own partner out of the Business.

Criminals never change, once a criminal always a criminal.

The TCL fools just can’t stop lying.

The funniest part about all of this is that it is his current members in his group passing me all this information before they leave as none of them are renewing.


I on the other hand have nothing to hide and have my own website with my picture on it, these fools hide behind websites and Scott Herman Schink wont even show his face to his own students as he doesnt want them to see his face due to the fact his mugg shot from his arrest is online

Scott Schink

That is his Arrest Mugshot

Please feel free to check me out on Twitter and facebook as we post free signals which are always profitable, this guy doesn’t trade, is clueless about trading and only makes money from people who pay him $300USD a month for crap signals.

I also have a copy of his trading report since August 2018 and his success rate is 22% and failure rate is 77% in terms of trade accuracy for his signals.


How can we be sure? How doe we know you are not one or the other? Or even both?

I have proof and the other IT security experts that have tracked them down have come to the very same conclusion.

At the end of the day it’s not what about I can prove or disprove but what you choose to believe. Ask around about Scott Schink, Yohann Azlee and Mo Bakash and ask their members how much money they have lost them.

The proof will be released very wide and very far quite soon

Oh, I’m sure you yourself are convinced and that you’re not here to tell lies. But all we see on this thread is actually just opinion.

I don’t need to lie as Im not a felon still on parole and at no time did I say it was anything more than an opinion as the evidence is going direct to the FBI, not a forum

Scott Herman Schink-Served 10 years in Jail, Lies compulsively & has a trading accuracy of 22% winners & 77% losers
Charges $300USD a month to rip people off with a course stolen from Scott Barkley @ Proact Traders who is currently suing him for Fraud and Copyright Infringement.

All of the above is total nonsense.

I am none of the people Michael Watkins (mike indigo) keeps wheeling out.
He claims I am a new person each week.

Michael Watkins (mike indigo) from North Wales runs theholistictrader - a signal copying service - he tries to dupe people into signing up. Mike Watkins (mike indigo) is one of crypto and bitcoin 's biggest frauds.

Michael Watkins runs BLOCKTRADERS LIMITED and INDIGO DIGITAL CONSULTANTS LIMITED and the website theholistictrader dot com the holistic trader.

Michael Watkins is an extremely dangerous individual - you will note from the thread I created on him here on babypips he was found out by other members to have lied.

I created the thread because Michael Watkins fraudulently claimed he was FCA regulated and ran a hedge fund - Michael Watkins wasn’t FCA regulated, there wasn’t even a hedge fund.

Michael Watkins (mike indigo) then said the documents he sent me as part of his threats to sue me were hacked from him - every single thing he says is a lie. Michael Watkins is a menacing fraud.

Michael Watkins has gone on a 7 seven week crusade to harass, defame, intimidate, threaten, impersonate, DDOS, doxx because I wrote the truth about him - how is any of that ok?
Its not.
These are all criminal acts and will be dealt with accordingly.
On Saturday Michael Watkins claimed I had been under surveillance for four days - that is warped - I have sent it to North Wales Police.

I don’t want this thread to become a flame war but given;

  • You have seen I was right on Ashley Richards and had him taken down by the BBC.
  • You have seen I was right on ProphetFX.

I have credibility as an investigative journalist researching financial retail trading.
Michael Watkins has none.

Please do not give this man Michael Watkins your money and do not engage him, he is extremely dangerous.

As always all of the evidence is on my blog which you can find via Google.

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