Forex Dealer job position and courses

Hey all

I found a Forex course that is taught by Forex professionals at a recruitment agency near my city.

They teach the following subjects 4 days a week(3 hours) for 1 month (last day is examination):

Welcome/Forex basics 1
Forex Basics 2/FAB/WIIFM
Marketing, ConversionPROS
Map S. Platis
Payment Processing, Safecharge
Risk/Fees, Social Trading, Leverate
MT4 Leverate
MT4 Practical Trading Leverate
Binary Option, Spot Option
Binary Practical , Trading Spot Option
Chat Functionality, LivePerson
The Basics of Sales ,
Conversion sales
Role Play
Prepare for Interview
Summary/ Review/Final Exam

Once you pass your examinations and the recruitment agency interviews you … they guarantee a job in one of the many firms they associate with .

There are several of positions being offered but i am most interested in the Forex Dealer position and i was wondering if i can have more information regarding this please.

What exactly do they do in a firm ? I heard that firms assign a certain amount of money to people and they have to increase capital in order to receive commissions and get higher pay.

FYI the positions below are available for various firms:

Customer Support
Sales (Languages)
Sales Manager
Chief Dealer
Technical Analyst
Back Office Assistant
Back Office Manager
Compliance Officer
Compliance / Risk Manager
Accounts Assistant
Head of Accounts
Financial Controller
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Web Developer

Please give me your thoughts regarding my questions above and any recommendations of what i could be aiming for.

I dont have any college or university degree . Just high school diploma and worked in banking for 4 years. (banking is irrelevant though, it sucks:) ) but I’m 28 , married , and I am finally ready to sit my butt down and study as hard as possible to achieve something in my life and provide for the family.

Thanks in advance.


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Good luck on your search, but just from reading what you posted I would be a little skeptical. Usually I am not a fan of forex courses that are not free as much of the information is available for free online.

Anything with a “guaranteed job” sounds too good to be true and handing money to anyone who has only completed a two week course on forex seems a little irresponsible on their end.

Before signing up it would be worth it to find out how many people have been hired out of the program that actually go into forex related positions as opposed to just a desk job (most likely very similar to your experience at the bank). You could see if you can contact anyone who has already completed the course to get their input.

Make sure you put in your due diligence before paying them any money.

Thanks Tad

I appreciate your concern and advice but there is no need to worry about it . The recruitment agency providing the courses are based in a city where Forex firms are on every corner. Half our employees at our company are from them .
That said, Forex employee’s are constantly in demand and they have a huge database of vacancies for it. Unfortunately, on this small island i live in … people don’t really know anything about Forex … maybe you can find people that heard of it , and they would probably describe it something in the lines of gambling.

There is currently about 400 applicants for the courses , but they will only accept 20 for the purpose of getting them a job if they pass there exams.

Our company has very good relations with there directors and i had a chance to speak to them today. Got my interview on Friday;)(they need to interview the people they are interested in before the courses to be sure) So looking forward to that.

I am 100% about the courses… but just to be on the safe side, my lawyers cousin is currently in the April courses and will finish this week, so we will know whats going on .

They are a very professional recruitment agency and there services are excellent. Most probably the biggest recruitment agency in Cyprus:)



That is great to hear. It seems like a very legitimate program and it is always good to speak first hand with someone who has gone through the program. The screening process, while it may seem intimidating, is another good way to make sure they are serious about their applicants.

It is good to see there are some legitimate Forex courses out there and it will be interesting to see what they teach you compared with what is available online.

Good luck with your interview and be sure to post when you know when you have gotten in :).


Thanks again Tad … will be posting the if i get accepted in the courses (would be damn lucky) and especially if i get a job !:slight_smile:

Hi @mrkkels, Glad to know this job qualification. I am interested to apply this job.