Forex Demo Accelerator (on Steam)

Has anyone tried this inexpensive trading software available on Steam, the online games platform?

Its only £3.99 in the UK, $4.99 US, and I may just pick this up anyway. Meantime I’m frustrated I can’t find out much detail about it from the game’s Steam page but it seems to be not so much a video game which you play and win or lose, but a backtesting programme.

It has candlestick charts with multiple time-frames, some indicators, all the common forex pairs, indices, some commodities, etc. Seems to use historical price chart data, not randomly generated. Seems you can set up an automated trading system and set it to run at upo to 1000 speed

Wondering if this could be a useful tool for rapid and easy backtesting strategies and tactics?

Did you ever purchase this software from Steam, Tom? If so, is it any good?

Yes I got it - only £3.99.

So far it looks poor, but I haven’t really fully explored it yet. It seems very much like a simulator that was a free online “game” a few years back called Stock Simulator or something similar except this software has lots of indicators that might act as signals. Programming signals is not intuitive.

Still working on this.