Forex demo for newbie

a totally newbie here. just started with babypips tutorial 3 hours ago. i need an easy to use forex demo to practice while reading the tutorial. preferably if i can do it on my iphone. could someone recommend a good forex demo for newbie?

Not sure about the Iphone but MT4 is pretty simple starting platform. I use DealBook 360 but this does appear a little more complicated at first glance. Both are free downloads if you google them.

Google the Iphone trading app i guess
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Strongly recommend that you finish school before opening a demo account, Demo should not be used as a game or gambling device. Treat demo as you will a live account
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doing practical trade in demo account as seriously is really recommended to make the skill get improvement . the seriousness will be shown when that trader will set the capital with rational amount as available fund to deposit later and also always implement the money management at every open the deal

I’ve been using MT4 on my Samsung and love it. It’s overly simplified in that it is very easy to quickly make a trade. The problem is that the convenience of it can be your downfall. For example, I learned NOT to make a trade while I was out having lunch with a friend… but it so convenient to open a trade that I realized I made a mistake too late.

Demo is very good for newbies and it is a good way to start practicing . Though there are varieties of platform to practice but mt4 is a good platform that can be easily understood by newbies. You can upload it in your phone if your broker support it.