Forex EA That Can Make Billions Of Profit

Hi My Name Is Justine And I’m looking for an expert advisor that can generate a billion dollar profit because I’m going to deposit big capital right into the brokerage is there any ea that can generate a massive income if you have please provide me and I guaranteed you have a commission

I know a guy.

He made me at least 5 billion. I’ve got so much cash laying around now, that I just feed it to my horse just to make some room in my cramped ultra mansion

Pic of me and the grandkids with the money for proof


As my recent post was flagged by some members and deleted I’d just like to say 1st off i was being sarcastic seems like no one on here has a sense of humour. And 2nd if OP is asking ridiculous questions like that they going to get ridiculous answers. As if i would really charge him fir a EA that could make him billions really…!!!

I’m not asking a ridiculous question i just looking an expert advisor that can generate a massive income

Here’s a link to top 30 EA’s

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Hey JustineKyle19, I know which EA to point you to ! Have you already found something ? Let me know .

Even if this was possible - nobody would sell it.