Forex Economic Calendar

Can someone tell me how can I read the Forex Economic Calendar here on

I understand the general idea but I don’t know what the numbers under “forecast” and “Prev.” column means.

For example today 17/03 is showing in the first line that Forecast : 400.2 and Prev. : -648.8 I have no idea what is that.

Session Time Currency Event Impact Actual Forecast Prev.
1:50 JPY Customs Cleared Trade med 400.2 -648.8

That is what the market expects what the value will be. It is not related to the price but to that specific indicator. It is up to you to decide what you want to do when the new value is as expected (will it trigger a ralley) or when it will not be as expected.

Hello wmohammad,
any forex economic calendar generally has three figures- actual, forecast and previous number. Actual refers to the actual number of that economic data, forecast refers what are the expectations with that economic release and previous numbers refers to the actual previous numbers when the data was released last time. Generally when data comes positive compared to its forecast it is considered as positive for the economy while if it comes as negative in comparison to forecast, it is taken as a negative sign for the economy. for example