Forex education is good, but now i need advise on a few things

Hi all,
Just registered on this forum yesterday. (First Forex Forum I registered with actually).
By the way, am Nicolas, new to FOREX. I have been reading books over and over again such as “Currency trading for Dummies”, “the complete idiot guide to currency trading”, “Attacking Currency trends” and so much more… Most of them, I read them 2 times to get a clear understanding, especially with the fundamentals and technical analysis. Actually I think I need more studies on Fundamentals… Such as market reaction on specific news from specific bodies, such as Banks, government etc…
Anyhow… You probably wonder why am here posting this thread?
Well, it is just to get a few advises from you guys here… Forex Traders.
1/ Can anyone recommend me an educational book on technical and fundamental analysis?.
2/ As a new Forex trader , I have never put my hands on a platform yet, and will need some recommendations on which platform will suit me the best as a beginner, and that I could start slowly getting to know the basics of a trading platform.
4/ I will be looking for a mentor I can meet up with and have a chat regarding the direction I should be taking as a new Forex Trader, and as well, be one full day observing how trading works.
I travel all around the world with my job, so am willing to meet anyone who is interested to have a chat about Forex Trading, or attending Seminars.
Thank you all for reading this thread, and looking forward to hear from you.

very nice introduction way. welcome aboard to the community.
allow me to answer your questions.

  1. babypips school are worth more than thousand books, you at the right place.
  2. any platform will do, most traders use metatrader.
  3. there’s alot of forum member would gladly become your mentor, including me add me as your contact share any messenger id upon private message. and i guess every forum members would do as i did, giving much help and proper direction. as you travel around the world, please let me know if you visit my country, i would gladly greet and have a proper conversation.

Have you read any subject matter on trading psychology?

[QUOTE=“FOREXunlimited;664094”]Have you read any subject matter on trading psychology?[/QUOTE]
Hi there,
No I have not read any book on trading psychology… Any book to recommend?

Check out “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas, it is excellent when it comes to trading psychology.

I would recomend to read that one too. Mastering or at least having an insight in trading psycholohy is just as important if not more than knowing the how the technical or fundamental works in any trading.
Another great book I would recomend is also Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder.

For trading psychology, my favorite books are by Brett Steenbarger, especially “Enhancing Trader Performance.” It’s a must read before anything else in my opinion. He also has a blog that is almost as good if you’re looking for market thoughts, but I’d read the book first. TraderFeed

Methods of a Wall Street Master - Victor Sperandeo
Anything by Van Tharp
Everything by Jack Schwager
Way of the Turtle - Curtis Faith
What I learned Losing a Million Dollars - Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan