Forex Expo in Las Vegas

Are any of the Senior members coming out to Vegas for the Forex expo at Mandalay Bay on Sept 15-16th?

Just wondering, would like to meet some of you!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oh I wish I was! I love Vegas but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. I believe there is another one in Vegas coming up in November :slight_smile:

Yes there is. A little more extensive, and I feel it covers more than forex. That’s over four days. Are you planning on coming out then?

Yes, Yes !!!

Will be there for sure. Not a babypips senor member but…

Pretty cool, lots of free things. All the big guys pretty much say the MM brokers are big time stammers and that you can’t really make money there, funny that they are saying this when most of the sponsors were/are mm brokers.

more to follow

I went to both days, however, I want to see the webcasts of the sessions I missed (on purpose. Wanted to catch the non-webcast sessions.) I’ll give a “unofficial” report in a couple of days on each of the speakers/sessions I went to. But, I will say that I learned a lot, but there were a couple of sessions I felt were a waste of time.

Will let the forum know…Stay tuned:)



Well, I am not able to look at the sessions on the webcasts that is promissed in the material I have, so I’ll go ahead and post what I found and what I learned (to a point.)

Let me just start off to say that I went to the Expo as an independent trader. I do not support any of these people nor do I work for any of the companies that sponsored the expo or the show organizers. Therefore, I will only mention their names but not any of their company affiliations. If you want to do more research on them, you can google them or instant message me and I will be happy to tell you where they are from or how to contact them. THIS IS AN INDEPENDENT OPINION and not a soliciation.

In general, I will say that I hope to go to next years Expo. I’m glad that this an annual event and it’s in the same town that I live in. (I did not pay anything to get in. It’s free for anyone to attend. I just had to register. I am all for keeping my costs down.)

So, on the 15th. I went to the keynote speaker in the morning. Andrew Busch was discussing what world events (Diseases, Natural Disasters, and Politics) especially in recent history, affected the economies and world markets. It was really interesting to listen to him. He had brought up many different points.

I then attended Jeff Phillips’s session on “How to build a trading plan.” I liked this. One point that he did bring up was that you really need to see the big picture on trading. I know talks about some of this, but Mr. Phillips really reiterated this. You need to take this profession as a business. You need to follow the formula of p=r-c (Profit=Revenue-Cost) Yes, I’m just starting out and trying to keep my costs down so I can put more capital into my account. He also defined risk tolerance and risk to reward. Gave ranges instead of a set number.

Next I attended Young Choi’s session. I’ll say this, when I arrived, it was standing room only. At the end of the session, the room was half full. He lost his audience when he started with “This is what the forex market is… This is a pip.” Sorry, the session was ,“The cardinal rules of Forex.” He did not talk about the topic. What a disappointment and waste of time. I learned 1000000x more from than from him!!! :mad:

I then skipped the 2:00 session. I figured that I would spend time in the exhibit hall and get lunch. Exhibit hall was good to check out the different brokers and also found a managed fund company. I’ll check them out later in between trades.

At the 3:15 session, I went to Ed Ponsi’s “Trade like a pro.” This was an excellent session. He took us through one of his trades and it was really informative. I will probably buy his book after I get done reading the one I am reading right now. He gave some tips that I just did not even think about. Ed, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

There was a reception with drinks (I think you get my drift, yes ALCOHOL!)that I went to real quick, but did not spend much time at. I had some other business I needed to attend to that night, so I left. But I did hear that a little later in the night they had a dinner for the people still there and open bar. But, I should not be drinking anyway. I had another day to go. :wink:

The next day, I skipped the keynote speaker. Instead, I chose to get the free pasteries and coffee and read my book. Not bad quality time I spent.

My first session of the day, I went to Adrienne Toghrale’s session. Ms. Toghrale is a personal coach in which she works with forex traders. I had a good time and found her information invaluable. If you need help with your psychology with either your professional or personal life, she’s the one to talk to. She pointed out the different ways you can sabotage your trading and how to avoid them. Ms. Toghrale, when I make my $$$, I’ll be calling you. I’m sure I will develop some bad habits, just like everyone else, I will really use you!

The next session I went to was with Brian King. Please see Young Choi above. It was just about the same thing. A waste of time.

I then went to Marilyn Mc Donnald’s session about developing a trading plan. She had additional information that she added from the Jeff Phillips session the day before. She was excellent as well. Thank you Marilyn.

Finally, I attended Raghee Horner session on reading charts. It was good in that she discussed different chart patterns. But, the one thing I learned was to look at the different indeces before trading to see how the pairs will maybe trend.

In conclusion, this weekend was a very good weekend for learning. I liked how I was able to apply my schooling and talking with all the members to this weekend. If you can make it out to vegas next year, do so! If you pick the right sessions to go to, you will learn A LOT!!!