Forex For Smarties

As a newbie, I’m drawn to the simplicity and seeming bulletproofness of such systems as Freedom Rocks and Forex For Smarties. Actually, more to the latter since I dislike the MLM aspect of Freedom Rocks.

I’m curious what the general consensus is among the group and, most specifically, the true gurus like the FXMen.

I suspect that, like anything else in life and the markets in specific, there is no such thing as getting something for nothing, but still, I’m curious.

While I appreciate short answers like “it sucks” or “it’s fantastic”, it would be most useful to know why these systems are good or bad.

Thanks for your thoughts.

You should definitely check out the Hedging thread found on babypips. There is some discussion of the correlated pairs strategy used by FR and FFS.

I’m reserving judgement on them until I get a better understaning of how the smaller, daily trades that both systems have are used to modify the larger ‘interest-earning’ positions.

I read the thread you recommend. A lot of it went over my head as a newbie, but I get the general gist of it.

My biggest concern with FFS is that it looks like when trying to weather the drawdowns, a person could get wiped out.

I’m going to keep an eye one it, but not invest any money until I learn more.

I like the idea of forex for smarites… I think they need to play down all the technicalites for all us newcomers…I can sympathize with you when you said it was way over your head…


Actually, I was referring to the thread that Colin pointed to here on Baby Pips. I don’t have any problems actually using FFS, but I would like to understand more about it.

I’m definitely a newbie, though, and just trying to wrap my brain around all of this.

I just wish I knew more about what’s happening in the FFS (and, for that matter, the FR) black box.