Forex Free Ebook: Best guideline for newbie

“A Beginner Guide to the Forex”

If you are new in Forex trading you might need this free ebook because this ebook will explain about the basic things of the Forex trading. Forex is someting like you invest your money and need profit from your investment. It is something like you sell your money for business and you get reward from it. In business, you might facing return of your investment or you might loose your investment. There is a risk in forex if you not really understand about the market strategy, news of the market, and how the rumors will influce your trade? These all the things that you really need to know in Forex. This ebook will help you to get initial knowleadge and information in forex. This is chapter that will cover in this ebook.

• A Trader’s Mission and Goal
• Level of Traders

Chapter One: What is the Forex?
• Foreign Exchange Market
• Roles of Commercial Banks
• Advantages of Forex Trading

Chapter Two: Reading Candlestick Charts
• Bullish Candlestick Formations
• Bearish Candlestick Formations
• Neutral Candlestick Formations
• Reversal Candlestick Formations

Chapter Three: Types of Orders
• Market Orders
• Limit Orders
• Stop Orders
• One Cancels the Other
• Cancel/ Replace Orders

In business, don’t miss any chance if you get best offer in front of you because you might not get this offer in future time.

Free FOREX Ebook

Avsolutely best for newbies.