Forex/Futures trading simulator platform? ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ


This question shall not be confused with Demo-trading as in demo you have real-time or near to real-time data feeds connected to your trading platform and you place orders manually and it will reach the Take-Profit/Stop-Loss etc target in due time.
In the simulated trading, you have the historical tick data (or at least historical data from a reputable Forex/Futures broker), and you can place the order manually and set the Take-Profit/Stop-Loss etc then you play/playback the market.
Conceptually the Trading simulator platform is different from demo if you know what I mean?
May someone please mention a few Forex/Futures trading simulator platforms names and prices?

Tnx and best of luck :blush:

Hi :slight_smile: don’t double post, thank you :grinning: . Regards Greg

Sure. I didn’t know where is most relevant as both sub-forums are quite related to the topic.

Have u tried tradingview pro?
Or buy soft4fx 100$

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